Have Fun Researching Opportunities For The Yard

Have Fun Researching Opportunities For The Yard

Whether the property is residential or commercial, the possibilities for maple ridge landscaping are as endless as the imagination. Okay, well maybe the imagination and the budget, but it is always exciting to consider all the options. Mosaic patios, water features, outdoor kitchens or fireplaces, flower gardens, sculptured shrubs, or a gazebo with built-in seating and ambient lighting can all be found in home and garden magazines, online, at flower and lawn exhibitions, and on display at the local home improvement store. Contemplating ideas all winter long and writing some down is a great way to landscaping spend cooler evenings.

As Spring Approaches

The beginning of February is a good time to start narrowing down desires and crafting a realistic budget for yard improvements. The year-end holidays are all over, and people have had time to recover their finances. Discuss wants and needs as a family and make a list of priorities. Shopping online to get general ideas of pricing is an excellent exercise to bring some reality into the dreaming.

By March, property owners need to be researching companies to provide consultation regarding possibilities for the yard space, estimates for installation of features, and plans for ongoing lawn care needs and maintenance. Search for one experienced company that can provide comprehensive services. Not only will that save money and time, the result will be a consistent theme for the entire property.

Keep in mind that even small yards can be completely overhauled to include raised planting areas, outdoor lighting, and extra living space. The designer may have suggestions that have not yet been considered. Present ideas, but also listen to new ones.

What to Expect

Depending on the extent of the work required to execute the approved design, the family may be inconvenienced while installation is occurring. In the case of commercial property, work will be scheduled to minimize any business interruption. If the entire yard is being transformed, plan on heavy equipment rolling over the lawn. Excavators, digging machinery, and concrete mixers are a few examples of what may be needed.

Be sure to discuss scheduling details with the company so there are no surprises. A bit of forewarning for the neighbors directly behind and on either side of the property will definitely be appreciated. Plan a barbecue or party in the newly renovated yard and make sure the neighbors are all on the guest list. Once the landscape is completed, maintenance will be the only ongoing cost.