Is It Wise To Get Contacts Online

Is It Wise To Get Contacts Online

People order contact lenses for dry eyes all the time and have no problem with the process, or the lenses when they arrive. Manufacturers of lenses provide E commerce companies with the exact same boxes of lenses they provide vision stores and eye doctor offices. As long as the prescription on the box matches the prescription ordered, there will be no difference in the quality. The difference will be in the lower pricing.

Why Is Pricing Lower?

Companies buy lenses direct from manufacturers at deep discounts, which are passed onto the customers. It is a win-win arrangement for both businesses. The manufacturer is ensured a steady stream of demand for the products without spending as much money on advertising, releasing coupons, or running promotions. The company has an edge over the competition because prices are lower than other E commerce websites.

Do a Little Research

Prior to making any purchases of lenses online, research the website. Most are legitimate and provide high-quality lenses. There are some sites that will offer low prices and deliver low-quality lenses, or cheap knock-offs of top brands. Discovering the site is questionable when lenses arrive is a problem.

An cheaper experienced company will be easy to verify via independent customer reviews, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website, or manufacturer websites. Top manufacturers will list companies with which they do business on their own websites. A vendor locator is clearly tabbed so visitors will find it quickly. Find out how long the website has been operational. Scam sites and poorly run websites do not last long on the internet.

Ask the Eye Doctor

Discuss ordering contacts online with the eye doctor. Most will have recommendations for websites, or suggest a physical store with low pricing for comparison. If the decision to buy online is made, place a minimum order at first to determine the quality of lenses for yourself. It is worth it to get a box from a store just to have on hand in case the lenses delivered are not accurate.

If there are serious doubts, or the idea makes you uncomfortable, continue to get lenses locally. A lower price is wonderful, but it is not worth anxiety or stress. Consider all the elements of both options, research any website that appears real, and be comfortable with the decision. Taking care of eyes and vision are serious matters so do not rush into a choice. If necessary eyeglasses are still an option, either as a temporary measure or instead of contacts altogether.